The Foundry
in Mantua
since 1968

Our company, established in Mantua over 50 years ago, specialises in sand casting aluminium alloys using specialised processing. Our foundry casts aluminium, brass and bronze parts for industrial mechanical engineering applications and for the art and design sector.

Our experience on the domestic and export markets and our research into different industries have developed our expertise in foundry casting procedures for mechanical engineering, art and design and food sector.

All alloys used are certified and comply with current regulations.


With production processes constantly monitored through quality controls that provide primary support to our traditional plants and systems, our production capacity comprises many tonnes per year. Our outstanding product quality, also reflected in our attention to detail, enables us to meet the needs of customers from small businesses to large industrial companies.


The experience acquired in over 50 years in business enables us to meet our customers’ requirements. Our company is still family-run and thanks to the dedication and passion for this ancient art, it maintains a traditional approach, characterised by attention to detail and production quality.


The expertise developed through our manufacturing and built up over time means we can accurately reproduce even just one small or medium-sized item from an original, a model or from a pattern. These include sculptures, bas-reliefs, antique furniture or parts for vintage motor cars or motorbikes, sports trophies and corporate awards, as well as a variety of memorabilia and ornaments. Anything that can be made with the sand casting process.